Social Media Tips and Guidelines by Mansalfe

 While Social Media can very overwhelming and down right nerve wracking to most and especially to those who are just starting out using it, It is an extremely powerful set of tools that in today’s day and age is pretty much a necessity especially for Bloggers as well as small and large businesses alike. To be honest without using it people simply can not find You , Your Blog nor your Business. Hopefully these Social Media Tips will help get you on the right path.

Why has Social Media become so important? Well quite simply it always has been in one form or another and ask yourself how much time you spend daily on any one of the vast number of platforms? It has most certainly become the Newspaper of years gone by (Of course Newspapers are still in circulation but to get the news now people head to Social Media).

Now For Social Media Tips, There is no set in stone rules but all platforms of social media have their own set of rules you should be at least somewhat familiar with. As a general rule of thumb over very many years of experience there are a few topics you should try and stay clear from and yes that includes commenting on. as on Social Media you have left the safety of your house, Home Town, and Country, So it is very important yo keep in mind that your audience and those reading your comments come from all walks of life and race.

  • Religion. A very touchy subject at best so I have made a separate blog post diving deeper into the subject. You can find it here 
  • Race. Once again with a world wide audience this should be very carefully avoided as one misplaced comment or personal view can cause you a great deal of grief and most Social Media platforms have strict rules regarding it.
  • Politics,  While this is always a hot bed of activity, rarely do two people have the exact same view so adding in a large very diverse audience is without a doubt going to start a battle and while controversy can and does get a lot of attention it is going to be a hot bed of activity that only the bravest dare tread as well as there are some pretty strict rules about it so it is best to side step this all together.

So by Now I am sure you must be asking what the heck can I make posts about or safely comment on?

The answer is quite simple actually, Just about any topic as long as you use common sense and remembering that your posts and comments are seen by pretty much any and everyone around the world and this isn’t restricted by language as many Social Media Platforms have a translate feature, So pick your topics and comments wisely and ask yourself is it possible I am about to offend people? Well yes that is almost impossible to completely avoid these days but try not to start any fires you can’t extinguish.

Different platforms will work better for you then others while the are generally not topic specific you will definitely find certain topics (posts, discussions and products) will preform much better on some then on others, The only true way to find out which preforms the best is to test them, While a post on twitter may be very popular it may have zero impact on Instagram or Pinterest and vice versa. Testing your results is crucial as you don’t want to be wasting your time and nor should you be putting all your eggs in one basket. In Short get out there and find several that suit you and get you decent results and above all have fun at it.

You will find plenty more  Tips located in the blog posts.



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