Making An Online Income, Getting Started

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Making an Income Online Getting Started:


Welcome to the guide to Getting Started Making Money Online, First and foremost I hope you have read the post on things to consider first you can view the post here: Things to consider to make money online.

Now that you have given the concept some thought and have a few ideas brewing on you area there are several more options available to you as there are many different types and styles to creating an online income such as:

  • Affiliate marketing : This is easiest described as selling another persons product or information for a commision on the sale and depending on the style even sending traffic to thier site or product can pay quite well. Commissions on a sale bases can be very very lucritive. To be very successful in this area can take some skill but beginners certainly can make a nice little income from this area
  • Content marketing : Again this is very a lucritive area and doesn’t require the same skill set as affiliate marketing so in all intense and purposes it is simpler to start out with and the area we will concentrate on first.
  • Joint Venture Marketing: This is a more advanced type of marketing and does take experience and a reputation to get involved in. Simply speaking it is where you team up with a specific Marketer to promote their new product, membership site or affiliate campaign. There are huge rewards to be had by getting in on the right Joint ventures and I have participated in quite a few over the years as well as a nice income you also expand your circle and reputation and get invite to be involved in other Joint Ventures. Warning these are usually far more advanced and you need a decent track record.

There is a very common ingredient to the 3 styles above and that is Traffic. There are many ways to get good quality traffic to your site, affiliate offers, social media, youtube channel and more so we have 2 keys to generatlng an online income and they are traffic and hosting

Traffic comes in many forms as do ways to boost the numbers. The leading way is of course your CONTENT it will be there basically until removed so it is a very steady source of traffic and hense the saying “content is king”  Squirlly is a fantastic SEO helper for all your blog posts and will dramatically help you reach the aduience you wish to attain you can find it here: 

There will be a much further detailed post on this fantastic tool soon so keep your eyes open for it or simply sign up for new post notifications on the right.


The next step we need to cosider is actually having a website or blog and for this the best way by far is your own domain “” there are many name choices available as well as domains such as .com .ca .xyz .edu .tv the list goes on and on so you can surely find your own little home on the internet. Hosting is the next consideration as there are tons of companies out there and not all great deals are indeed good deals so we shall cover that under  HOSTING as it is rather lengthy but information one should look into.




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