Things to consider to make money online

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Welcome to the Things to consider to make money online post:

There are several important things to consider before starting upon your journey to make money online, There is certainly alot more to learn and apply but let’s start with the basics.

Firstly you must come to terms with you are starting a business,not nessesarly a brick and mortar business with an actual store front but make no mistake it should be treated the same. If you are choosing this as a hobby, Be VERY careful as it does take work to become successful at making money online and some investment, granted not a large investment financially but a large time investment. I will help shorten the time invemansalife resources to make money online logostment and hopefully keep you from jumping at every get rich quick scheme out there as there are plenty. One must remember this is not the Dot Com age where millions were made over night. Are millions still being made by individuals? Yes indeed there is many and while the strategies have evolved over the years and will continue to there is no question that Content will always be King.

Content is simply giving your fiollowers and visitors good solid information and or entertainment thae later generally is still information just presented in a different fashion such as youtube videos or blogs on any number of given subjects.

I can not stress this enough to jump in blindly to trying to make money online can get very expensive in both time and money and without direction will almost with out a doubt show little or no results.

Here is a small list to help get you on the right track to making money online.

  1. Carefully consider the niche you want to be in. There are far to many to name and some are extremely competitive. Currently several big extremely competitive ones are Survival, Off Grid Living, Small home Living, Natural Remedies, Anxiety,and of course the Making Money Online, are all extremely competitive and take knowledge and a heck of a lot of work to get traffic to your site, blog, youtube channel and even tricky on social media.
  2. Research your chosen niche especially the keywords to see how popular they are a simple trick is to just google search the keywords. Try searching “surviving off grid” and the amount of search results given within seconds will scare just about anyone.Which in turn means you have Huge competition in numbers alone not to mention a great deal of those are very experienced marketers with a great deal of knowledge.
  3. Don’t lose hope as you can break into any niche especially as you become more experienced. As my Father used to say “Don’t make your bed hard son, You are the one who has to sleep in it” which is good solid advice. Stick to something you know or are passionate about and try to avoid the top niches at least for now.
  4. A very important thing to remember in your journey to Make Money Online is generally people will think you are crazy and try to discourage you. Sadly Family and Friends tend to be the hardest to convince even when you show them hard evidence. Keep your chin up and ignore the nay sayers. There will be times of doubt waiting for that first sale or commision and this may seem like it takes forever but ohhh what a felling once they start 🙂
  5. Ok you have read this far show you are already showing the sign of commitment. Please bookmark the Mansalife Blog before starting your research you can also sign up for new post notifications to the right 🙂 Upon your return look for the ” getting started ” post in the menu.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the process of figuring out your passion or niche you want to be in and wish you nothing but best wishes in finding an altenative to the very highly competitive to start out making money online…..See you soon.





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